nopaste - command-line interface to

This is a simple script to facilitate sharing text through Like most UNIX utilities, it can take stdin or files on the command-line. Additionally nopaste can use the X cut buffer for input, designed to be used with a window-manager key binding or panel launcher.

The resulting URLs are printed to stdout and additionally placed in the X cut buffer for quick pasting.

Nopaste originally used the paste server at, but it's been disabled since May 2009, so the script uses since version 2.0. In February 2010 was overhauled so nopaste 3.0 uses the new API.

$ ./nopaste --help
usage: nopaste [options] [files]

    -e --expire WHEN    Set expiration, N/10M/1H/1D/1M (defaults to N)
    -l --language LANG  Set language, defaults to text
    -m --email EMAIL    Address for confirmation, honors PASTE_EMAIL
       --private        Make the paste private
       --subdomain STR  Use subdomain
    -t --title STR      Set paste title
    -x --xcut           Paste from X selection (using xclip or xcut)

    --download   Return download URL
    --raw        Return raw URL

    --help       Show this help
    --help-lang  Show list of languages
    --version    Show version info

Source Repository

Find it at github

Downloads (

Filename Date Size MD5
nopaste-3.1-1.noarch.rpm 08-Mar-2010 08:08 7.4K e050cb0c8cfbc3b59cdaaf0d2bc24260
nopaste-3.1-1.src.rpm 08-Mar-2010 08:08 7.8K 09234eddfa38c0efdf1c5221e6dc1609
nopaste-3.1 08-Mar-2010 08:18 7.0K 84ad07536c7909f513164f7da9dfcbdf
nopaste-3.1.tar.gz 08-Mar-2010 08:08 5.6K ff9ddb586d70f9c69b3561ee52a1a412
nopaste-3.0-1.noarch.rpm 08-Mar-2010 07:29 7.4K 543b7d89ab952668e56bc1b34085ff52
nopaste-3.0-1.src.rpm 08-Mar-2010 07:29 7.7K 50c76ed23902258bae86337fe330d9bb
nopaste-3.0.tar.gz 08-Mar-2010 07:29 5.5K 5649f945ec475dad51cc97d40138af86

Old Downloads

Filename Date Size MD5
nopaste-2.3-1.noarch.rpm 22-Feb-2010 09:30 7.3K c5490c7e4c76b8f07fff093354ab42f1
nopaste-2.3-1.src.rpm 22-Feb-2010 09:30 7.6K 44b5f07831c3256967921107086c2a42
nopaste-2.3.tar.gz 22-Feb-2010 09:30 5.5K 9d1a5499cdac202cb7f2674af451994c
nopaste-2.1 22-Jul-2009 18:08 6.6K 971b6afc8f6c147d1df99cf3b15d9144
nopaste-2.0 21-Jul-2009 08:55 6.4K 901608871c9940ab50623ada425ff796

Filename Date Size MD5
nopaste-2835 03-Dec-2007 14:22 4.1K 51d64938a830b2eb523b6755cee4451c
nopaste-2802 05-Nov-2007 12:07 3.9K 262d5050780c22aa44ebbdd37e3640b9
nopaste-1992 10-May-2007 11:24 3.1K a3f67f5bf60402ae251e9deb59864898
nopaste-1252 10-May-2007 08:10 2.4K 216dd7902b3982d6447d3ef2dec063f4

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